About me

Welcome to my website. Fishing Padania was born out of an immense passion for fishing, lakes and rivers that has accompanied me since I was a child. Over the years it has led me to fish in a variety of places in Italy and abroad (from France to Canada via Sweden, Ireland and Austria). With time I have developed a desire to turn this passion into a full-time job and a new lifestyle for myself and my family.  For me there is no price for spending the day in a boat on rivers and lakes – accompanied by the sun, rain or bitter cold – to experience and enjoy the excitement and beauty that these places have to offer, and perhaps at the same time manage to catch a pike, black bass, perch, trout, zander or Wels catfish. Come and fish with me in breathtaking environments (the lakes and rivers of Padania region) and spend a relaxing day trying to catch your favourite fish to which you dedicate most of your fishing expeditions. Check out the site for information on boats used, techniques, fishing areas and much more. Have fun everyone.

My name is Fabrizio. I am 43 years old, married, and the father of a little 'fisherman'. I live in a small municipality in the north of Italy (Padania region). Since I was a child I have been attracted to lake environments and a love for fishing has been a natural consequence of this. I grew up reading and rereading L’amo e la lenza ('The Hook and the Line') and A pesca coi campioni ('Fishing with the Champions') by the dearly departed, great Mario Albertarelli. I had the privilege to have fished for many years with a friend of my father's on a small private lake in Brianza, experiencing a wonderful natural environment whilst catching the fish of my dreams and learning many tricks of the trade. Later, after many years working as a logistics manager, I decided to leave my job (the stress was unbearable) and fulfil my dream of becoming a professional fishing guide in order to live my passion,my country and experience family life in a totally new way.  I now offer my services and experience to anyone wishing to spend wonderful, peaceful days fishing on lakes or rivers, using first-rate gear, to try to catch the fish of their dreams, or to anyone simple wishing to spend a day away from the noise, confusion and stress of everyday life in order to rediscover the  true meaning of our existence.